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NEW E-Bike Policy

NEW E-Bike Policy: Electric bicycles that securely fit the bike rack will be transported. Electric bicycles with tires that do not completely fit inside the bike rack tire sleeves cannot be safely transported. Electric bicycles…

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Updated Proposed Route and Schedule Changes Available for Review

Attention Customers!  Update on RRTA’s Proposed Route and Schedule Changes – Posted Friday, June 21, 2024 The SCTA Board has announced an updated proposal for the RRTA Route and Schedule Changes at the June Board…

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How to Apply

How to Apply

Interested persons are asked to complete an employment application.  A driving record and criminal background check will be conducted for all applicants.

RRTA Employment Application

*If you are filling out an application for a Driver position, please complete the two forms below. There is no charge to fill out the form. On the “Request For Driver Information” form, please fill out sections C and E. Please include both forms with your application.

Request For Driver Information

DOT Information Form

Applications can be submitted by:
In-person at the RRTA Operations Center, 45 Erick Road, Lancaster, PA 17601
Mail: RRTA, 45 Erick Road, Lancaster, PA 17601
Fax: 717-397-4761

Equal Employment Opportunity

In accordance with the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration, Circular C4704.1, dated July 26, 1988, it is the policy of the Red Rose Transit Authority that Equal Employment Opportunity will be afforded to all individuals regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, disability or age who are employed or who desire employment with the Red Rose Transit Authority. Further, the Authority is committed to undertaking an Affirmative Action Program, including goals and timetables, in order to overcome the effects of past discrimination on minorities and women. The responsibility for the implementation of the EEO Program has been assigned to the Authority’s Director of Capital Improvements. However, all management personnel at the Authority share in this responsibility and will be assigned specific tasks, as appropriate, to assure compliance is achieved. Any applicant or employee has the right to file a complaint alleging discrimination with the Authority’s EEO Officer, Jeffrey Glisson, or the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission. Recognizing the importance of this program, the performance of Managers and Supervisors of the Authority will be evaluated on the success of the EEO Program in the same way as their performance on other Authority goals. It is the belief of the Red Rose Transit Authority that successful achievement of EEO goals will provide benefits to the community through fuller utilization and development of previously underutilized human resources.

Voluntary Affirmative Action Equal Opportunity Survey