Detours & Service Alerts 2

Input Wanted with Community Survey

We want everyone’s input!  We want anyone to fill out the survey – riders and non-riders.  RRTA is the community’s transit service and we want your input to improve our services. RRTA (English): RRTA Spanish:

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New Reprinted Ride Guides – January 9, 2023

RRTA needed to reprint more Ride Guide booklets.  The cover and effective date were updated on the reprinted Ride Guide but there were NO SCHEUDLE CHANGES.  The new booklets will start to be distributed but…

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Daily Parking

Rates (as of January 16, 2023)

Cash or Credit Card payments accepted

How to Use the Pay on Foot Machines

Insert the ticket into the pay-on-foot machine and make your payment (Cash or Credit Card). The ticket machine will return a ticket to you to exit the garage. This ticket is inserted at the exit gate to raise the gate to exit.

VISA, Master Card, and Discover are accepted.

Questions about Mount Joy Parking Lot?

Contact us at or call 717-947-7293.