Bike Rack Information

Bus Bike Racks

Follow these steps:

  1. Squeeze the center handle to lower the rack from the upright position
  2. After lowering the rack, place the bike in one of the two bike rack wheel wells.
  3. Pull the security arm over the bike’s wheels to keep bike secure. The security arm only touches the tires, reducing any potential damage to your bike.
  4. Board the Bus!

To unload the bike, just reverse the process. Each passenger is responsbile for placing their bike on the rack and taking the bike off when finished. When finished using the bike rack and no other bikes are in the rack, please place the bike rack in the upright, folded position.

Bike Lockers at Queen Street Station

A man putting his bike into a bike locker

RRTA offers bike lockers at Queen Street Station. The bike lockers offer customers a secure, dry, storage area for their bicycle and bicycle equipment. The lockers are located at Queen Street Station near the Route 20/Greenfield bus stop underneath the parking garage building. There are six lockers available.

Customers who are interested in using a locker must sign an agreement with RRTA.
Any customer interested in using a locker should visit The Information Center at Queen Street Station to sign the agreement and receive their locker key.