Safety & Security Information

Be Involved

Be involved in a lifesaving partnership: transit employees and passengers 

As a resource, transit employees provide a wealth of specialized knowledge and on-the-job experience. Likewise, transit passengers contribute to the security equation by providing thousands of extra eyes and ears capable of identifying possible life-threatening situations.

When transit employees and transit passengers pool these resources, the result is a highly effective first line of defense against a potential natural or man-made disaster. So, please make a commitment to becoming an alert, informed, prepared and involved member of this employee-passenger partnership.

Rest assured your efforts will go a long way toward enhancing the safety and security of our transit system.

Be Alert

Be on the alert for suspicious…packages.

Be Informed

Be Informed and have a transit plan of action:


If you spot any suspicious individuals engaged in questionable activity, look for the following:

Recommended Course of Action

Do not confront suspicious individuals. Contact a transit employee or the police immediately. in the event of a suspicious package, do not use a cellular phone until you are a safe distance away.

Preparedness tips: