Detours & Service Alerts 3

East Petersburg Days 5K & Parade – Saturday, September 23, 2023

The East Petersburg Days 5K & Parade event will close Manheim Pike (Route 72) in East Petersburg from Miller Road to Graystone Road for about 3 hours beginning approx. 8:30 AM. The 7:45 AM trip…

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Rt. 16/Millersville Construction Detour

The final phase of the West Frederick Street/South Duke Street infrastructure and road improvement project will begin on Tuesday, July 25, 2023 in Millersville Borough. West Frederick Street will be closed between South Prince Street…

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Route 14 Bus Stop Change @ East Town Centre

Effective Immediately on the Route 14/Rockvale Center bus route, the bus stop in front of Hobby Lobby in East Towne Centre has been relocated due to construction.  The temporary bus stop will be in front…

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How to Ride

How to Ride

Step 1 – Find Your Schedule

You first must determine what bus route and time you would like to travel. View our transit schedules for more information.

View Transit Schedules

Step 2 – Locating a Bus Stop

RRTA bus stop signs are placed throughout Lancaster City and County along the bus routes.

In Lancaster City: Locate the nearest bus stop for your route and wait for the bus to come to your stop. You must be standing at a bus stop to be picked-up.

Outside Lancaster City: If no bus stop sign is nearby, wait on the same side of the street as the bus travels. Wait at a safe area and ‘flag’ (wave to) the operator as the bus approaches.

Step 3 – Identify Your Bus

Each RRTA bus is identified by a route number and name. For example, Route 1/Park City A. Each bus indicates the route number and/or name of the route on the front, sides and back of each bus so it is easy to determine each bus route from all directions.

Step 4 – Boarding Your Bus

Stand in clear view of the driver and wave as the bus approaches, especially if you are not at a marked bus stop.

If you find it difficult to climb the front steps of the bus ask the driver to lower the bus for you. Our buses have a special “kneeling” feature which lowers the first step to curb level.

If you see a bus coming towards you that isn’t the one you want, wave the driver on.

Let departing passengers off the bus before you try to board.

Step 5 – Paying Your Fare

All fares are paid when you board the bus.  There is one fare for anywhere you want to ride.  Or purchase passes to get a discount and make it easier to pay to ride.

View Fares

Step 6 – Transferring From One Bus to Another

If you have to change to another bus to complete your one-way trip, that is called transferring.  There is no charge for a transfer.  If you are paying in cash, ask the driver for a paper transfer slip.  If you are using the RRTA Go Mobile app, the transfer will automatically calculate when you travel from one bus to another.  The transfer can be used until the latest time printed on it. A transfer cannot be used for a return trip on the same or nearby routes.

Step 7 – Getting Off the Bus

Most of the time drivers will bypass stops where no one is waiting, unless someone signals to get off. As the bus approaches within one block of your stop, push the yellow strips or red stop buttons, which are located on both sides of the bus or on the railings along the aisle.

In Lancaster City, passengers must get on and off at marked bus stop signs. Outside Lancaster City, passengers may get on and off along the route, even if there is no marked bus stop sign.