12 Good Reasons Why RRTA Customers Make Riding the Bus a Pleasurable Experience

Customers safety and security, respect for other customers, respect for the operator and reducing distractions are very important in providing a safe, courteous, reliable and efficient transit system in Lancaster County. RRTA asks that you understand that certain procedures and guidelines are necessary to make riding the bus a pleasurable experience for all. These guidelines are not to limit your riding experience, but to provide you and all our customers a safe and comfortable ride.

  • Our customers are courteous and respectful of others
  • Our customers do not smoke, eat or drink on the bus
  • Our customers use no rude or profane language or unruly behavior
  • Our customers fold their strollers and store articles out of the aisle
  • Our customers use headphones when listening to music
  • Our younger customers sit by their parent or guardian who controls their behavior
  • Our customers keep their head and hands inside the bus and clear when doors open or close
  • Our customers dress appropriately including wearing shirts and shoes
  • Our customers motion to the operator when they want his or her bus
  • Our customers always wait until the bus has completely stopped and other customers have exited before entering
  • Our customers wait until the bus has completely left the stop before crossing the street
  • Our customers do not attempt to enter the bus after it has left the curb

Because of YOU, RRTA can be proud of the service it provides!

RRTA and its employees have made a commitment to enhance the safety and security of the transit system and provide our customers with a pleasant experience when riding local transit services. Security cameras have been installed on our newest buses. Automatic vehicle location technology has also been installed to improve your safety and security and to help identify needed improvement to our schedules.

Disruptive riders may be asked to leave the bus by RRTA operators, supervisors and local law enforcement. For your safety, harassment, assaults, violent acts or any other unlawful offense directed towards our customers and employees on board RRTA buses will not be tolerated and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The courtesy and safety practices shown by our customers help us make riding the bus a pleasant experience for all RRTA customers. Thank you for riding!