Why are the buses empty all the time?

RRTA explains the myth that RRTA runs empty buses throughout Lancaster County and should operate smaller buses.

When do I pay when I ride the bus?

It depends on what direction you are traveling when you pay. On City Routes (Routes 1 – 5), you pay when you get on the bus. On County Routes (Routes 10 – 20), you pay when you get off the bus when you are traveling outbound. When you are traveling inbound, you pay when you get on the bus.

How do I figure out my fare for the bus?

When looking at the schedule map on the route schedule, always start in the base zone. If your trip crosses a fare zone boundary, your fare increases into the next zone.

I ride my bike to the bus stop. Can I take my bike on the bus with me?

Bike racks are available on the front of RRTA’s new buses. Bikes may be taken on board other buses when space permits.

Do you have student discounts on passes?

No, RRTA deeply discounts our passes for everyone. Discounts range from 30% to 40% savings off of cash fares.

Can I buy RRTA passes on the bus?

Yes, RRTA’s All Day Passes are available to purchase at the farebox. 10 Ride and 31 Day Passes are available on-line or at RRTA’s offices.

If I buy a pass on-line can I print it out or will it be mailed to me?

RRTA passes purchased on-line will be mailed within two business days from the time of the order.

Can a 10 Ride Pass be used for more than one person?

Yes, a 10 Ride Pass can be used for as many rides as needed at one time.

Can I bring my pet on the bus with me?

RRTA allows pets to be brought aboard provided they meet certain criteria. Pets may be permitted on the bus provided they are small enough to sit on a passenger’s lap or are in a small cage. Your bus operator may deny any animal access to the bus or request that you remove your pet where a safety or health problem exists.

Can I smoke on the bus?

Smoking is prohibited on all RRTA buses.

Can I bring food on the bus?

Food and drinks are not permitted on the bus. A trash container is on the bus for disposal when you board.