Exact Fare Policy
Please have exact fare ready to deposit in the farebox when boarding. RRTA operators do not carry money to make change.

Refund/Exchange Policy on RRTA Passes
No Refunds on Lost or Stolen Passes.
No Refunds on any activated passes.
No replacements or refunds for damaged passes.  RRTA will replace a damaged pass that was damaged by an RRTA farebox.  A proof of purchase and proof of activation will need to be verified.  Two day processing period for new replacement pass will occur.

Refunds will be allowed on any non-activated pass with proof of purchase.

Bus Stop Policy
Inside Lancaster City limits, please wait at posted bus stops only. Outside Lancaster City, if no bus stop sign is nearby, please wait on the same side of the street as the bus and motion (wave to) the operator as the vehicle approaches.

Holiday Service Changes
Service is generally not provided on the following holidays:
New Year’s Day
Easter Sunday
Memorial Day
July 4th
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day

Lost and Found
Articles found on the bus are kept for 30 days. Call RRTA at 397-4246 if you lose an article on the bus.

Baby Stroller Policy
RRTA’s Baby Stroller Policy requires all passengers to fold their strollers before boarding the bus for the safety of all passengers.

Music Policy
Customers are able to listen to music provided earphones are used and music is at a low volume.

Smoking, Eating, & Drinking Policy
There is no smoking allowed on any RRTA bus.
Please do not bring food or drink on the bus. There is a trash container on the bus for disposal when you board.

Service Animals & Pets

Service Animals are permitted aboard buses.

RRTA allows pets to be brought aboard provided they meet certain criteria. Pets may be permitted on the bus provided they are small enough to sit on a passenger’s lap or are in a small cage. Your bus operator may deny any animal access to the bus or request that you remove your pet where a safety or health problem exists.

Courtesy Seating
The first aisle facing seats behind the driver are reserved for people with special needs such as the elderly and people with disabilities.

Bike racks are available on RRTA buses and can hold 2 bikes. if a bike rack is not available on a bus, RRTA allows bicycles to be placed inside the bus when space permits.